Accelerated AB/Master's

This program allows qualified Washington University undergraduates to complete a Master’s degree in a one-year accelerated program after completing the A.B. degree. The undergraduate and graduate degrees are awarded sequentially, with admission to the master’s degree, if approved, for the fall semester following completion of the undergraduate degree in the preceding December, May, or August.

Applications must be submitted by March 15, and GRE tests are not required. The program is available only to students currently in their senior year and only for continuous enrollment in the next year. There is no option for deferred admissions. In order to complete a Master’s degree in one year, students may apply five courses taken at the 400/4000-level or above as an undergraduate (with a maximum of 16 units) toward master’s degree programs which require 36 or more units for completion. For master’s programs which require fewer than 36 units, three courses at the 400/4000-level or above (with a maximum of 12 units) may be applied. Master’s programs requiring more than 36 units may require an additional semester or summer of enrollment. Undergraduate courses must be acceptable to the department or program offering the Master’s degree and must be completed with a final grade of B or higher. All admissions are provisional until the successful completion of the A.B.


Application deadline: March 15th of a student's senior year

Contact: Your appropriate department