Admissions FAQ


Can I apply to multiple programs?

Yes! Applicants who apply to multiple programs will need to resubmit supporting documents, including requesting letters of recommendation, and pay an application fee for each application submitted. Please note, you only need to report your official test scores via ETS to our WashU school code 6929 once, unless you would like to report new updated scores for your application(s).

Where do I find application requirements?

General application requirements can be found under the application checklist. Check the program website for additional requirements.

Is there an application fee?

The application fee for graduate programs in Arts & Sciences is $45.

  • Fees are payable by credit card or electronic-check issued from a United States banking institution. 

How do I apply?

Submit an online application. Find general requirements on the application checklist.

Am I eligible to apply?

We encourage and give full consideration to all applicants for admission. Applicants to graduate programs must earn the equivalent of a bachelor's degree prior to the application semester.

Can I apply directly to a PhD program or must I apply to study toward a master's degree first?

Applicants may apply to a PhD program so long as the equivalent of a bachelor's degree is earned prior to the application semester.

Where do I find information about the application deadlines?

Deadlines vary by program and department. Please visit the program page for more information.

I'm having a technical issue with the application. What should I do?


What transcripts are needed for my application?

Unofficial copies of transcripts must be uploaded at the time of application for each institution you have attended. Transcripts should include the applicant name, the institution name, and all grades received.

Official transcripts are required by some of our programs for application review. Please check the transcript requirements for your program of interest.

Transcripts from foreign institutions should be translated by the issuing institution and uploaded with the original transcript. Translations must bear an original ink signature and seal.  If your institution does not provide an English translation, we also accept translations of transcripts by services such as WES and ECE. 


How do I submit my official transcript?

After accepting an offer of admission, official transcripts must be submitted from your degree granting institution(s) for all undergraduate and graduate coursework. Transcripts must be in English and list the applicant name, the institution name, and all grades received. Official transcripts should be sent to Washington University in St. Louis – School Code 6929, or mailed directly to the Office of Graduate Studies from the issuing institution, or delivered by hand in a stamped, sealed, institutional envelope by the first day of classes. If your official transcript does not show receipt of the degree earned you must also send a certificate of graduation (with translation if needed). Transcripts may be mailed to:

Washington University in St. Louis
Office of Graduate Studies in Arts & Sciences
MSC 1187-0112-02
One Brookings Drive,
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

If your institution issues electronic transcripts through a secure credentialing service (e.g. CertiFile, Parchment, Safe-Script), the electronic notification should be sent to:

What is the difference between Unofficial and Official transcripts?

Unofficial transcripts are uploaded to the application or mailed in by the applicant.

Official transcripts must be sent to Washington University in St. Louis - School code 6929

They can be mailed directly from the degree-granting institution or be delivered in a stamped, sealed, institutional envelope.

When should I submit my official transcripts?

For students who plan on beginning their graduate studies in the fall semester: All official documents must be submitted by the first day of classes. For students who plan on beginning their graduate studies in the spring semester: All official documents must be submitted by the first day of classes. (if applicable) 

May I submit a WES or ECE credential evaluation with my application?

Yes, we do accept credential evaluations.

How can I report my grades that I have received since submitting my application?

You may directly submit updated unofficial transcripts to the Office of Graduate Studies.

My transcripts are not in English. What should I do?

Transcripts must be translated to English. An evaluation service may be used if your institution does not provide this service. 

Do I have to include my non-degree transcripts with my application?

Transcripts must be provided for your full academic history.

Test Scores and GPA

What are the required minimum scores for admission?

Admission is based on the strength of the entire application and not a single element such as test scores or GPA. Obtaining a specific test score or GPA neither occludes nor guarantees admission. Therefore, we do not have published minimum GPA or GRE score requirements.

Which English Proficiency exams are accepted?

Each program determines which English proficiency exam(s) it will accept. When completing the application, you will be given the option for the exam(s) required by your program. All graduate programs accept the TOEFL exam, but not all accept the IELTS. Please check with your program on their requirements. Minimum scores for English proficiency exams are required for immigration. The minimum TOEFL score is 90 and the minimum IELTS score is 6.5.

Is there a waiver for the English proficiency test?

The English proficiency testing requirement may be waived for applicants who meet any of the below criteria:

  • Is a citizen of Australia, Cameroon, Commonwealth Caribbean nations, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Liberia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, Uganda, the United Kingdom, or Zimbabwe.
  • Has completed a minimum of three years of documented study in a university-level academic program in the United States or one of the countries listed above.
  • Has completed a minimum of three years of documented study in an English-medium academic program in Canada, Hong Kong, or South Africa.

In addition, testing may be waived for application if you have completed an undergraduate or master’s degree in the U.S. and completed the entire program while in the U.S. Please note that the English proficiency testing requirement is only waived for immigration if criteria in bullets above are met. 

How do I send official test scores?

If official scores are required for your program application, please have official scores sent:

GRE & TOEFL - Washington University in St. Louis – School Code 6929
IETLS - We currently accept official copies of the IETLS mailed from the testing center to:

Washington University in St. Louis
Office of Graduate Studies in Arts & Sciences
MSC 1187-0112-02
One Brookings Drive,
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

*Please note that not all programs will accept IETLS. If available, the option will appear on your graduate application.

Can the GRE requirement be waived?

Check with your program.

What is the difference between self-reported and official test scores?

Self-reported scores are submitted by the applicant and official test scores must be received from the testing facility/organization.

Can I wait until after I have been offered admission to have my official test scores sent?

Official scores should be sent at the time of application.

Do I have to take the GRE subject test as well?

Check with your individual program.

Letters of Recommendation

How do I resend a recommendation letter request?

If you need to resend a recommendation request, please log back into your application. Go to the recommendation section, check the box by the recommender's name and resend. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all letters of recommendation are received by the deadline.

Can I submit my application before my recommenders turn in their letters? What if my letters arrive after the application deadline?

You may submit your application before your recommendations are received. Please encourage your recommenders to submit prior to the deadline so that your application is considered.

Is it OK to list more than three recommenders in my application?

Our system only accepts up to three letters of recommendation.

Can I submit my recommendation through a letter service like Interfolio?

Our recommendation process includes an evaluation for your recommenders to complete. Interfolio does not account for the evaluation that is used for our application review, therefore it is best for your recommenders to submit directly through our system.

Application Status

How can I find out the status of my supporting documents?

After submitting your application, you may return to your application account to check the status of the supporting documents the University has received to-date. Please note that a review of the materials may be needed before the status is updated to reflect completion.

How will I know my application is complete and ready for review?

Once we receive all the necessary supporting documents, your application status will show "Your application materials have been submitted. Your checklist is now complete". 

How long is the application review period?

Each department manages the application review process differently. As soon as an admission decision is made, an email will be sent directing you to log into your application to view the decision. We appreciate your patience during the review process.

When can I expect a response regarding admission?

Most decisions are available by April 1.

Who makes the final admission decision?

Each program has an admission committee that reviews applications and makes decisions. 

Do I need to formally accept or decline my offer.

Yes. Admitted applicants may provide an enrollment response through the application portal.

If accepted, is there a deadline to accept my offer?

Applicants must respond to their offer of admission by the deadline provided in the admission letter. We are a member of the Council of Graduate Schools and do follow the guideliines set forth in the April 15 Resolution.

Financial Support and Fellowships

What financial support do graduate students receive?

PhD students at Washington University receive full tuition remission and a monthly stipend for living expenses for the duration of their program length.

Funding of Masters students varies by program. Please check with your program to see if institutional funding is available.


Are competitive Fellowships available?


Who should I contact to arrange a visit?

Contact the program/department directly.

Where can I find information on housing?

Information on housing may be found on the Accepted Applicants page.

Does WashU abide by the April 15th Resolution?

We are a member of the Council of Graduate Schools and do follow the guidelines set forth in the April 15 resolution.

Whom should I contact if I still have questions?

Once Admitted

Can I defer my admission to a future term?

Applicants who accept their offer of admission may request to have their admission deferred to a term later than the one originally specified on their application. Whether this request is granted depends upon the nature of the program. Deferral of admission is usually denied in programs where the class size is fixed. In some cases, an applicant may be asked to reapply with the new pool of applicants for a subsequent term and will be reevaluated for admission. Decisions to defer admission for one year or less are usually the prerogative of the department, as is the decision of whether the applicant must re-compete with the next group of applicants.

When will I receive my SIS ID and log-in information?

Student accounts are created between April and July. Once a student record is created, the University Registrar will email you with information on creating your WUSTL Key login.

Does WashU offer tours?

Please contact the program/department you are interested in applying.

How do I get started on my visa paperwork?

An Admissions Specialist will contact you regarding what is needed for immigration. This process begins after an admission offer is accepted.

When is orientation and what do I need to do before I get to WashU?

New student orientation is typically held in August before the start of the fall semester. Students will be notified via email in late spring and early summer about orientation events. Please note that there may be multiple orientations including departmental orientations, teaching orientation and international student orientation.