Admission Opportunities


Certificate Program

Certificate Program APPLICATION (PDF)

Tuition Remission is not available for coursework beyond 72 units. Students should consult with their program department and the certificate department to determine if additional coursework beyond 72 units will be required to complete both programs. Earning a certificate must not increase a student's expected time to degree or amount of stipend support.  PhD students may pursue only one certificate.

Graduate students interested in a Graduate Certificate should first apply for admission to the Washington University department in which they wish to obtain an advanced degree. After being admitted, each student should notify their department advisor and the Certificate Program director of plans to obtain the Certificate. In addition, students should submit an "Application for Admission to Certificate Program" form to the Office of Graduate Studies in Arts and Sciences, with a copy to the Certificate Program office.


Unclassified Graduate Student

Unclassified Graduate Student APPLICATION (pdf)

A student who wishes to enroll for selected graduate-level courses without admission to the Office Graduate of Studies is generally permitted to do so by registering as an Unclassified Graduate Student with the Registrar. Application for admission is not required for such registration, and permission to register as an Unclassified Graduate Student does not constitute an admission. Permission to take more than 6 hours of graduate credit in any one program requires the signature of that program’s Director of Graduate Studies. Unclassified students are not eligible for student services, including financial aid. Those who wish to enroll as an unclassified (non-degree) student must fill out an Unclassified (Non-Degree) Application for Registration form and submit it to the the Office Graduate of Studies.


Accelerated AB/Master’s Program

Accelerated AB/Master’s Application (PDF)

The Accelerated AB/Master's program allows qualified Washington University undergraduates to complete a Master’s degree in a one-year program after completing the A.B. degree. The undergraduate and graduate degrees are awarded sequentially, with admission to the master’s degree, if approved, for the fall semester following completion of the undergraduate degree in the preceding December, May, or August. Applications may be submitted anytime during the senior year through March 15th, and GRE tests are not required. The program is available only to students currently in their senior year and only for continuous enrollment in the next year. There is no option for deferred admissions.

Milestone Degree Requirements


Research Advisory Committee

Title, Scope & Procedure

This form must be completed by the student, approved as indicated, and returned to the Office of Graduate Studies at least six months before the month in which the degree is expected to be conferred (August, December, or May).

Master's Degree Candidate (pdf) 

PhD Degree Candidate (pdf) 

Examination Committee


Dissertation Defense Committee

Examination Approval Forms


Final Approval Form (pdf)

Doctor of Liberal Arts



Final Approval (with thesis) Form (pdf) *  

note: the required format for the date is (mmmm dd, yyyy)

Change to Enrollment Status


Leave of Absence (Non-Medical)

Leave of Absence Non-Medical

Students who wish to suspend their graduate study should apply for a leave of absence by filling out the appropriate leave of absence form.  A student’s application for a leave of absence must be endorsed by the degree program and then approved by the Office Graduate of Studies.

Leaves will not be granted for less than one semester or for more than one calendar year. If a student requests a leave of absence beyond one year, the student’s status will be reviewed to determine whether an extended leave will be approved.

All international students should consult with the Office of International Students & Scholars before applying for a leave of absence.

A leave, with its loss of student status, may have implications in many areas which should be considered.  These may include:

  • Student Health Insurance
  • Student loans and loan deferment
  • Legal status for F-1 and J-1 student visas
  • Student funding (fellowships, etc.)
  • The right to rent University-owned housing
  • Access to University facilities

Students requiring a leave of absence for family/dependent care, military service or other personal reasons should fill out the Leave of Absence form. 

Students needing a medical leave of absence should fill out the Medical Leave of Absence form after consulting with the appropriate Health Services office their campus.

If students will need  to use Olin Library during the leave, this can be arranged by having their department send an email to the Circulation Library requesting their access to the library for the period of the leave.

At the end of any leave of absence, a student is reinstated into the Office Graduate of Studies under the conditions prevailing at the time the leave was granted.

All students returning from leave or medical leave must submit a Request for Reinstatement form to their department or program.

There will be no reinstatement fee for students returning from approved leaves.

Medical Leave of Absence


Students requesting a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) must first contact Student Health Services

The purpose of a medical leave (MLOA) is to allow students to suspend their studies for treatment of a condition which interferes with their ability to be successful in their graduate program. All medical leaves must be recommended by the Health Services serving your program . Once you have secured the recommendation, please fill out the Medical Leave of Absence form.

Procedures for Returning from Medical Leave

A clearance from your Health Services office is required for return from medical leave.

When you feel ready to return, please complete the two items numbered below to request consideration for reinstatement to Washington University.  Health Services requires all documentation be submitted between November 1 and December 1 for Spring semester returns, and between June 1 and July 1 for Fall semester returns. 

  1.  Complete and return a Request for Reinstatement form to your department or program; 
  2.  Have the physician/therapist who treated you while you were on leave provide to the Director of your Health Services area, a detailed accounting of your treatment that includes:
    1. your diagnosis;
    2. medications, dosage, length of time on this medication, and how long you have been stable on that dosage;
    3. why the physician/therapist feels you are ready to return to school;
    4. knowledge of any classes you have taken or employment you have maintained while you were on leave.

This detailed accounting of your treatment is required so that the Director can best advise our office as to whether you are up to the rigors associated with your return to graduate studies.  The information provided by your physician/therapist is a confidential communication with Health Services and is not shared with our office.  Your physician/therapist may fax this information to either Student Health Services at (314) 935-8515 for Danforth campus students or to (314) 362-0058 for students on the Medical campus.  After the information is received, further consultation with your physician/therapist may be necessary before the Health Services Director can make an accurate recommendation. 

Please send your request for reinstatement consideration to our office, AND your physician’s/therapist’s detailed accounting of your treatment to the appropriate Health Services office.  You must have clearance and a recommendation from Health Services for your return before our office can approve/deny your request for reinstatement.  Our office will advise you of our reinstatement decision as soon as possible.

Request for Reinstatement

Withdrawal Form

Family Resources


Child Day Care Subsidy

About the Child Day Care Subsidy

Sponsored by Washington University in St. Louis, the purpose of the Child Daycare Subsidy is to help PhD student families meet the costs of child daycare while they pursue their studies.

Child Day Care Subsidy Online  Application

New Child Leave

Full-time graduate students in Arts & Sciences, including PhD students in Engineering, Business, and Social Work, may request a New Child Leave to assume care for a new child. They should maintain full-time student status. Students on new Child Leave are not expected to participate in mentored teaching or research experience for up to 8 weeks while they receive their normal stipend payments. Additional time off without receiving a stipend for up to a full semester will ordinarily be granted by the Office Graduate of Studies if approved by the student’s Department.

Unlike the leaves of absence discussed above, new child leave does not affect the student’s full-time status and will not appear on the student’s transcript. New child leave must be taken within the first year after the child’s birth or adoption. Students should contact their department to request a New Child Leave.

To whatever extent is possible, a new child leave’s beginning and ending dates should coincide with those of the academic term (fall, spring, or summer).  If longer periods of leave are desired, students will be expected to apply for a Leave of Absence.  Students who receive support from external agencies should consult the policies and guidelines of the sponsor.

Professional Opportunities


Teaching Citation


The Teaching Citation is a teaching-intensive professional-development program designed to help PhD students develop teaching experience and expertise in a multidisciplinary learning community.

The program balances workshop opportunities in evidence-based pedagogies with opportunities for reflective teaching supported by feedback from faculty, students, and Teaching Center staff. The teaching component takes place across 3 semesters, allowing time for participants to develop their teaching in concert with participating in advanced level workshops.

The Citation program’s multidisciplinary learning community opens up new perspectives on teaching and complements the training in teaching that participants receive in their disciplines.

The program provides a chance for participants to reflect on teaching through the writing of a teaching philosophy statement (TPS). This process allows the writer to articulate a specific teaching approach and arrive at new ideas to take into future teaching positions. The TPS is often a required component of the application for faculty positions.



Non-GS, RA & part-time employees

Submit applicable forms to your department in order to receive 1st payment.

Federal Form W4: Submit online through Workday.

MO-W4: Missouri State Form

I-9 Verification: Once you have been added to the payroll system, you will automatically receive this form to fill out via an email from the payroll system. It is important that you complete the form as soon as you receive it and, as outlined in the instructions, take original documentation to your department payroll representative for verification.

Foreign National Information System (see below)


Submit applicable forms to your department in order to receive 1st payment.

Direct Deposit: Submit online through  HRMS Self Service

Foreign National Information System (see below)

Foreign National Information System

The Office for International Students & Scholars (OISS) will send login information to allow you to complete data entry at the online Foreign National Information System. If you have not received an email by the last Friday in July please contact OISS directly and also copy the Office Graduate of Studies ( in your request.

Contact OISS

Personal Information Form

Post-Graduation Surveys


Survey of Earned Doctorates

Survey of Earned Doctorates

The Survey of Earned Doctorates is one of the forms required for graduation.

Please plan to complete your Survey of Earned Doctorates prior to the dissertation deadline. Our office will be notified automatically once you complete the survey.  Your electronic submission of your dissertation will not be processed until this email arrives.  Do this as soon as possible so that our office has a record of its arrival in time for graduation requirements to be met.

The Study is being conducted on behalf of the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics of the National Science Foundation; the National Institutes of Health; the U.S. Department of Education; and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

You will have the option to have a Certificate of Completion sent to your email address for your records.

Post- Graduation Job Survey

Post-Graduation Job Survey

This form indicates your employment/research commitment or position upon graduation. We look forward to hearing about what you’re doing. Remember you can file this form again to update us on any changes.

Graduation Requirement


Intent of Graduate

Intent to Graduate (pdf)

The Intent to Graduate Form is ONLY used when directed by the Office Graduate of Studies.

Degree Certification


Degree Certification Form

Degree Certification

If a student requires verification of a degree prior to the degree date and before the degree appears on the official transcript, the Office of Graduate Studies can prepare a degree Certification. This is on the Office of Graduate Studies letterhead and carries the Office of Graduate Studies seal.

note: to request a degree Certification you must have successfully completed all requirements for the degree, including submission of your thesis or dissertation, if applicable.