The Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowships in Arts & Sciences

The Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowships in Arts & Sciences have been created to enhance the recruitment of and to recognize some of our most outstanding incoming graduate students. This program will support incoming PhD and MFA students with the promise of exceptional academic distinction; with a demonstrated interest to advance the public good; and who will contribute to the diversity and intellectual vitality of our university community.

The primary intent of the program is to support the recruitment of outstanding candidates and help departments make a compelling offer to their best applicants. Efforts will be coordinated with the Olin and Chancellor’s fellowship programs so that we can increase the number of excellent students benefiting from fellowship opportunities. The hope is also that the program will nourish community among and across cohorts of Fellows through:

  • professional development opportunities,
  • community-building programs, and
  • synergistic connections with Fellows from other university programs.

Fellows will receive a merit stipend in addition to their Arts & Sciences Fellowship or Research Assistantship – a supplement of approximately $8,000 – for each year of funding support the student receives at Washington University. Moreover, there will be a summer supplement to support professional development or research activities. There will also be special Arts & Sciences programming and activities for this select group of Fellows.


The due date for nominations is January 31, 2023. Nominations should be submitted by a member of the Graduate Admissions Committee to the Office of Graduate Studies via the link below.

Nomination Form

Program Guidelines

Departments and programs in Arts & Sciences can nominate up to two applicants who are recommended for admission to be considered for the Fellowship program. Nominations should be submitted by a member of the Graduate Admissions Committee.

The student should represent excellence – such as one of the “best seen” in the past 5 years. We ask that units help us in this evaluation by sending us only truly exceptional candidates: units may decide to nominate only one candidate (or even none) in a given year.

We know that many more people are nominated for Olin and Chancellor’s than there are slots available. Therefore, if the unit’s top choice or choices are eligible for one, both, or all three fellowships, they should still be nominated for the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowship.

The tentative target date for fellowship decisions in the 2022-23 admissions cycle is February 15, 2023.