GradWell Pride Picnic

The GradWell Socials are held every month and they are a great opportunity to meet with your friends, colleagues, and other fellow graduate students across all disciplines of Arts and Sciences while enjoying some food and drinks. Each social will feature different activities and themes. It is an open house, so come on by, get some food, and meet some new people.

In recognition of Pride Month, we are going to host our GradWell Pride Picnic on Friday, June 30th, at Wrighton 300. All of our ArtSci grad students and their loved ones are invited. Those planning to attend are encouraged to fill out the RSVP form. We encourage all of our students to wear their best pride outfits. Additionally, we will have a concert by musical guest Marco Correa at 5 pm after our picnic. Please find his BIO below: Marco Antonio Correa Cayupi was born on August 13, 1966, in Santiago de Chile. At the age of 14, he entered the School of Arts at the University of Chile to study Classical Guitar with Ernesto Quezada. In 1994 he obtained the degree of Superior Interpreter with a mention in Classical Guitar, Summa Cum Laude. He has participated in master classes with world-famous masters such as Narciso Yepes, Alirio Diaz, and John Williams, among others. For 22 years, he was Director of Arts in the most important art school in Chile and one of the best in Latin America: Liceo Experimental Artístico. Marco has trained hundreds of young guitarists who are internationally recognized today. Finally, he has participated in many seminars and competitions and he has given hundreds of concerts making classical music accessible to everyone.